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outside Mauer f; inside, of mountain Wand f; the Great Wall of China die Chinesische Mauer; the north wall of the Eiger die Eigernordwand; a wall of fire eine Feuerwand; a wall of policemen/troops eine Mauer von Polizisten Soldaten; wall s have ears die Wände haben Ohren; to come up against a wall of silence auf eine Mauer des Schweigens stoßen; to go up the wall inf die Wände rauf - or hochgehen inf; Im climbing the wall s inf ich könnte die Wände hochgehen inf; he/his questions drive me up the wall inf er/seine Fragerei bringt mich auf die Palme inf; this constant noise is driving me up the wall inf bei diesem ständigen Lärm könnte ich die Wände rauf - or hochgehen inf; to go to the wall inf: firm etc kaputtgehen inf?
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Indoor Rock Wall - Athletics Recreation - Trent University.
Process for Rock Wall Use. Our indoor rock climbing wall is available to all Trent students and community members after they have completed a rock wall introductory lesson. Use of the rock wall and introductory lessons are included with your membership.
Welcome Stop the Wall.
The Stop the Wall Campaigns aim to tear down the Wall is aligned with the Palestinian desire for liberationfor those of us inside and in exile, the young and old, those who have died, and those yet to be born.
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Walls Attack on Titan Wiki Fandom.
In the early draft of Chapter 1 presented by Isayama to the editors of the Weekly Shōnen Magazine, Wall Maria and Wall Rose were switched, so Wall Rose was the outermost Wall breached by the Colossus Titan, and Wall Maria was the second outermost Wall to where the survivors retreated.
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Perhaps conflated with waw a wall within a house or dwelling, a room partition, from Middle English wawe, from Old English wāg, wāh an interior wall, divider, see waw. Cognate with North Frisian wal wall, Saterland Frisian Waal wall, rampart, mound, Dutch wal wall, rampart, embankment, German Wall rampart, mound, embankment, Swedish vall mound, wall, bank.
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